Web Development

Currently I am working on small freelance projects alongside my dissertation for university (Zeon Chronicles ~ linked above).
I will be returning to University in October full time, but I hope to carry on working on freelance web projects.
Generally I code websites in partnership with a graphic designer, but I have designed a couple of logos and layout designs myself (the Microbase site for example), along with the design and logo for this site.
Should you want to discuss a project please contact me on the email above.

Zeon Chronicles

This is my dissertation project (started early), written in Ruby on Rails.
Currently I have Subversion repositories with the current state of the zeon app, but the only part of Zeon I have live is the survey at http://zeonsurvey.explosion-of-colour.com.
I have more information at my blog about this project, but I am available for Ruby on Rails projects should anyone be venturing into this language.